Saturday, February 28, 2009

My babys have to go in a DARK BOX??!!

She's not to sure about packing all her toys into a dark scary box, but after her big sister talked to her she was OK with it. [She found out that because her baby's were ARMY toys that they had big strong soldiers that will watch her toys the whole way to Germany.] She still thought it safest to carry her most beloved baby's on the plane with her so they don't get too scared. We thought that was a wonderful idea. KIDS ARE AMAZING!!!

I just adore this picture. Her little hands still have a bit of that baby chubby look.

She was explaining to her cat pillow meow meow what her trip would be like, and NOT to be afraid.
It astounds me that even though our little one can drive her big sister nuts, as soon as she is sad or bothered by a situation her big sister will try to make it all OK again. She reminds me of a mother lion by the way she always appears out of the blue when her sister is upset or needs support. It's a wonderful feeling to see your children encourage and reassure each other the way they do.

Friday, February 27, 2009


Her favorite thing in the world was once to ride Zack. She would help me buy bags of carrots and apples and off we went to the stables. What would any little girl want to do more then ride a sweet horse? Well... this one decided she was madly, passionately in love with chickens. Her aunt found out a week before we went to visit. She went online and bought her chicks and had them delivered to the post office the day we came to visit!! [ she is an Architect by day and runs a CSA out of the farm she owns by night so she was all set up for the chicks.]

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Oma

I wish I would have known growing up how much all the memories and stories she shared with me would mean one day. All the times we visited this intelligent, elegant, amazing lady I never could have imagined how much she and our family's history would mean to me one day. I wish I could go back and collect every word she ever spoke and every moment she ever experienced and carry it around with me forever. Now that we are moving to Germany her first home, the place she raised my father and my aunt, the place she lost her family I have no doubt in my mind my Oma and father will be in my thoughts and heart every second of everyday.

My little monkey.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Almost time to move AGAIN.

I can't believe it's almost time to move again, we are up to 9 moves in the past 8 yrs. [that's not including Iraq,Kuwait,Korea,and the tour to Afghanistan next yr] The unaccompanied baggage has been shipped, the POV was sent to port, the storage company did an inspection today and will come pack us up on Friday. The main movers have done there inspection and will come the on 3rd and 4th. Hotels and temporary housing has been booked, TLA, DLA,PER Diem,TLE... has been applied for. We have taken care of EFMP screening for the girls and I, we have the tickets booked, the transportation arranged. We cleared CIF,housing,port call, training aides, FCCU,reserve component, ed center, WINN ACH, schools,main exchange,and all the millions of other things that make clearing so much fun!! Its crazy all the things the sponsor has to take care of before we can PCS.